Book Review: Four Views on Hell Code


The book Four Views on Hell addresses the question what actually could happen to a wicked man in the hell. The book includes four different perspectives of the authors who address the same problem and maintain the thinking of Christian beliefs. Most of the people would think of hell as the eternal place where one would melt out of heat, fire and burning flames. Christians do not prefer to advocate and have a word about the phenomenon of the hell. The four authors namely William Crockett, John F. Walvoord, Zachary J. Hayes and Clark H. Pinnock together confront and elaborate the phenomena of eternal life of hell. The joined perspectives of the authors provide a brief knowledge to the readers about the phenomenon of the hell and Christian framework. This paper includes a complete overview of four perspectives namely literal view, metaphorical view, purgatorial view and conditional view.

Brief Summary:

The book Four views of Hell determines and talks about the concept of hell that is given very less attention. Many people would not talk about the concept of hell. This book talks about every aspect of hell and present the arguments with reasons. The book provides the knowledgeable experience for the readers to examine the different views on the hell. John Walvoord manages to explain the concept of hell in a literal view with the help of biblical interpretations to provide historical validity to his mean of context. William Crockett described his point of in a metaphorical view that nowhere accounts the literal view and scripture. The scripture constitutes the reality that should be understood by all the followers of biblical interpretation that the wicked will be punished to the extent where the pain would never bring a feeling for getting numb but constant pain for all the sins that a person would commit. The book is interesting and eye opening as it explores the scriptural data that adds to fascination of those who might never had the belief on what future. All the authors stand on the same position when it comes to doctrine. The authors believe that when it is about interpretation and doctrines, Bible is the only dependable source and reference. This book can be proved as an interesting and eye opening read for those who want to know the doctrines hell. Even the modest knowledge of doctrines and theology cannot deny the factual importance of the book[1].

[1] Crockett, W, et al. Four Views on Hell. Michigan: Zondervan, 1997.

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