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An essay is a type of writing assignment which many of you must have written throughout your academic lives and are still required to do so. Essay writing is not complicated, even though many of your think otherwise. An essay is basically a few short paragraphs consisting of a certain number of words. The essay generally contains information on a certain topic provided to you and helps a professor or general reader in understanding your views and knowledge about that particular topic.

Just like any other written assignments, an essay consists of three parts. These include:

  1. The introduction
  2. The body paragraphs
  3. The conclusion

Out of the three parts which an essay consists of, the introduction and conclusion are said to be the most important. This is why you should focus most of your attention to these two parts. This however does not suggest that the main body be left out!

The introduction is important as you are trying to grab your reader’s attention. Not only are you required to attain it, you are also required to hold their attention throughout the rest of the essay. If your reader does not have any intention of reading your essay throughout till the end, you have probably not produced good written work. Not only is the introduction important as it grabs the reader’s attention, it also clarifies to the reader what you are going to be talking about in the upcoming paragraphs.

The main body of an essay will deal with the important facts and information which you want to share with your reader. Adding factual information is a great way to show your knowledge and to support the argument you are supporting in your essay. Bear in mind that the information you provide in your essay must be correct and each idea must be fully researched and developed.

The conclusion is when you are required to start winding up all the information you have written throughout your essay. In the concluding paragraph, give the reader your personal opinion on the topic and give a final comment on what you think about the information you have discussed.

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