Dissertation on UK higher education

Even though the forces of globalisation are clearly evident, it seems that these are being felt more by central government due to the drop in income they have recorded.  The higher education institutions have also felt the effect of this drop in income, but are unable to react to it.

This situation is not unique to the UK, and other countries have been able to change their international marketing policies and strategies to maximise the income they are receiving, and possibly to take advantage of the weaknesses in the international marketing strategy of UK higher education institutions.  Other countries are able to react more quickly, but the structure governing international marketing does not allow for this flexibility and adaptability.  International marketing in the UK higher education sector needs to be a concerted effort between central government, the British Council and the individual institutions.  Some institutions may be able to suggest viable marketing alternatives, and central government also needs to realise the impact of its actions and policies on international student recruitment.  International marketing in the higher education sector is very much about marketing all the factors that affect the decision for international students to enrol in UK higher education sector.

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