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Abstract: This is an essay on business cycle.  A business cycle has major importance in the world of business and in society. It has an impact on the economy as well and can have various effects.

A business cycle is something which affects people from the whole population. Whether it is a part of the public, customers, consumers or a part of the business world ranging from small companies to the multi national corporations, business cycles tend to affect various people.

Every government wants its societies and country as a whole to progress and in order to attain this national progression; it aims for societies to have economic growth. This may include things such as a high level of employment, confidence in the business sector and greater amounts of investments. However there are times when things do not happen in the same way we have planned. If for example, the economic growth reduces its rate of growth, it can have various negative consequences. It could perhaps lead to an increase in the level of people who are employed, consumer spending would fall and many businesses could face losses and perhaps even b-ankruptcy.

This essay will talk about the nature of a business cycle, what causes it and what the implications of it can be. Each of these will be addressed on an individual basis.

The business cycle theory is something which began many years ago and it is something which developed from the idea of ‘long waves; (Reijnders). This principle was firstly enforced by a man named Kondratieff who was an economist. He believed that the longer the long waves…

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