Essay: Lower class and upper class population in the society

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When there are lot of people having different cultures and societies in an area or country, mostly there is socio-economical difference that leads to unfairness to specific groups of individuals. People having lesser amount/ number of assets seem to be lower class population where as those having greater amount / number of assets are considered to be upper class population of a state. In US what upper class individuals have done to lower class population is a ‘genocide’, which can be defined as a crime against humanity. Today, there still seems to be a lot of inequality to lower class people in the society. This paper will also examine the difference of quality of life between lower and upper class people in today’s society in terms of receiving basic necessities like education, health and medical care etc.

Poverty is a lifestyle with adverse over all consequences. (Scott, 2008) Those who are lower class are at much higher risk of infirmity than those who are upper class. People who do not become vaccinated due to poverty against various diseases are at risk for a number of diseases, and those who forego their winter flu shots put themselves at greater risk of that sometimes fatal disease. (Scott, 2008) Those who allow themselves to live with high blood pressure put themselves at risk for a whole range of diseases. Those who do not participate in a symptomatic screening for breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, heart disease and other diseases are at greater risk of death from those diseases.

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