Essay: Dr. Philip A. Mackowiak

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Dr. Philip A. Mackowiak is a distinguished professor of medicine. For a span of fourteen years, Mackowiak has presented challenging historical medical mysteries in form of case studies in front of an awed audience in Baltimore. This book contains twelve such case studies presented in those Clinicopathological Conferences (Baltimore).

As the name suggests, the book is really a thorough evaluation of each historical figure and the inexplicable deaths which ensued them, some lost in time and some left in the middle of the process of being solved. Science in all its forms has continued to amaze humans, providing reasons well aligned with the brain to make believe, explained and unexplained phenomena’s in this universe. In Philip A. Mackowiak’s book, ‘Post Mortem: Solving History’s Great Medical Mysteries’, there are such evaluations and assessments of the past aligned with what we have learned today with the advancement of medicine and genetic study, that they unravel mysteries which have boggled minds and are yet to be resolved. The deaths and the mysterious ailments that would have caused them, of historic figures (who of course intrigue us the most), and an analysis following those mysteries, Mackowiak has attempted to satisfy our curiosity giving a detailed and in depth analysis of what might have been

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