Essay: Drug Usage among the Youths in America

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To ensure that the mentioned biasness is completely avoided, the researcher will ensure that there are no ambiguous questions in the questionnaire and that proper guidelines on how to complete the questionnaire are provided using well structure and understood language. Information collected would also be screened and questionnaires perceived to have been completed with biasness rejected.

The major ethical concerns in the research would be the impact of cultural practices to the way in which questionnaires are completed. In some parts of America, it is almost to ‘use’ drugs among the youths. Such issue could negatively influence the manner in which the respondents respond to the questions administered to them. The need to enhance personal etiquette and confidentiality of information would also be an issue of concern. To address the ethical issues of concern, the researcher intends to inform the respondents that utmost confidentiality of the information which they will provide. The respondents would also be asked not to provide personal information which could compromise the reliability of the findings. The major risk concerned to the human subject is that some of the very personal issues that relate to youths’ lives and sporting secrets my end up being revealed through the research thus compromising American’s youth participation in sports.

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