Essay: Effects of advertising

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It is seen that most people cannot understand the effect advertising has on the purchases they make because there is a false notion of how advertisements affect behavior. It is assumed that seeing a particular ad makes people want to go and purchase the particular product or service. The actual effect of single ads is comparatively very small. However, there are certain invisible effects that these have. A child in the growing stages is very impressionable and repeated viewing of particular advertisements can influence the mind to make the product appear better. This can have an ingrained effect when he is grown up as the subconscious leads to an inherent attraction for something that was created during childhood (Sutherland 2002).

One important part of the effects of advertising that have been pointed out relates to the image effect. Consumers view images and begin to relate them with the features of a product. This is not persuasive advertising but more of a suggestive thing. Support for this notion and its existence can be found by inquiring people about what they think a particular Gap shopper is or what kind of people are typical Marlboro smokers.

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