Essay: E-Learning in UK

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The implications of e-learning to the UK higher education sector are that it reduces the level of migration, and investment associated with this migration.  This suggests that globalisation will work positively and negatively for the UK, and international marketing efforts have got to be able to identify trends that are likely to affect this flow of income if it is the main priority.

Another factor to consider is that of facilitating permanent employment and residence links in the UK, as other countries such as the US and Australia do market the opportunities for employment and residence as part of the international student package.  The UK higher education sector does not have this similar tactic used for its marketing efforts.  One reason for this could be that, the immigration department in the UK does not work closely with the higher education sector, and therefore is missing on a perfect opportunity to increase income into the UK.  It seems that the other higher education sectors are capitalising on this link to immigration, as this is an area that has been identified by international students in Figure 6.0, where the ability to establish work  was considered of significant importance.  This raises an important issue for the UK higher education sector, in that the focus of international marketing efforts seems to be focussing on one factor, which is quality and the others are being sidelined.  Whereas other higher education sectors in other countries are looking at all the deciding factors and encompassing them into one solution.  Figure 2.0 demonstrated that international student numbers were not increasing as in previous years, and there could possible explanations for this.

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