Essay: Election poll in America

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As a result of any election poll, the bandwagon effect can take place whereby the voters sidle with the leading candidate. Aside from this the underdog effect is also possible by which the voters sidle with the trailing candidate. Moreover as a result of the election polls it is also possible for the voters to get de-motivated or motivated based on the fact that their candidate is sure to win or lose and as a result they do not go ahead and vote. In some cases the voters also simply go ahead and vote to prove the polls to be wrong. This changes the outcomes of the original election turnout making the election polls a tool which causes significant disruption in the results.

In America however, the election polls are conducted regardless of the timing of the election itself. This is because of the fact that election pools are considered to be the democratic right of the citizens of the country. The election polls come under the light to self expression and freedom of speech. As a result the “Supreme Court has declared that “to sustain the ban on survey results would sanction the censorship of all speaking by candidates in an election, on the ground that the usual bombasts and hyperbolic claims made during the campaign can confuse the voters and thus debase the electoral process.”” (Virola, 2004)

Moreover there is also the opinion that if a ban were to be placed on election polls in America, the media would start making lists of other things like the amount of investment made by the election candidates on their campaigns and the type of service offerings made by them to the public.

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