Essay: US foreign policy

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Just like any other nation, the United States has all the rights to ensure that its image and influence at the global level is at its best regardless of what might be going on inside its territories. The country ensures this by coming up with numerous procedures and strategies that are aimed at achieving this goal. Plans laid out by the federal government to set the standards and modes of interaction with other nations is generally referred to as foreign policies (Viotti, 2010, P. 23). Being a very influential country in the world, the US has come up with a number of foreign policies that regulate its interaction and influence to the world. The nation has a stake in most controversial debates in the world and at the same time has massive influence on important global decisions ranging fro climate change, military, trade, education among many others. Further influence has been elicited by massive funding that the country gives to various international agencies in attempts to having a hand in the eventualities or results from different global projects. It is evident that the country has had a lot of criticism on some of its decisions or actions outside its borders.

Nevertheless, the country has at times been congratulated on certain actions such as war on terror and aid donations. Such events then lead to the question: is the US foreign policy making effective? If so, what forms some of its fundamentals or processes that culminate into these policies? Effectiveness of these policies can be viewed from different angles ranging from diplomatic missions, participation in actions that call for international cooperation, trade, and the overall goals so far achieved by the country (Dumbrell and Barrett, 1997, p. 61)). This paper is going to evaluate some of the country’s foreign policies with an analytical approach to establish whether these policies are effective. Some cases will also be considered for this analysis plus a few past and latest events.

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