Essay: US foreign policy-Government cells

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Therefore, this puts the effectiveness of policies from such selfish opinionated government cells into question. Anybody sharing from this school of thought will obviously doubt the effectiveness of these policies and will presumably regard the policy making ineffective without any malice aforethought to any government using similar system of drafting these laws.

This point is further strengthened by the fact that governments are as a result of political forces. In the US, politics are vey instrumental in formulating foreign policies. President Obama has had a lot of opposition regarding the much-anticipated military pullout from the Middle East. Political opinions have always taken the center stage of this debate with political allies having similar opinions that are contrary to that of their counterparts. Such events put the US foreign policy under questions s regarding their effectiveness since politics seem to shape them more. The project by president Obama has not succeeded as the government keeps on shifting goal post thus derailing these efforts (Bolton, 2008, p. 103). Considering such occurrences the US foreign policy as at now can be regarded less effective.

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