Essay: US foreign policy-Political influence in policymaking

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Despite the fact that the US system of government has a devolved hierarchy of power in the sense that the president is subject to seeking cooperation from the overall leadership of the country, it has a weakness when it comes to making foreign policies. The president has very huge influence when it comes to shaping and authorizing the implementations of these policies.

This chronic impediment cannot be removed easily as it calls for constitutional actions that seem more apparent that real given the fact that they are complicated and difficult to achieve (Hoppe, 2001, 49). This status has left the US with limited diversity or variations of opinions as the president strictly relies on a team of advisors of whom to make matters worse he appoints. This disparity has seen foreign policy making lack constructive debates thus locking out creative thinking. This view is however hypothetical since the other options of including different forces have never been attempted. It is common sense that whenever diversity is limited in making any decisions be it domestic or foreign; there is greater probability that the outcome will have more weaknesses.

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