Essay: US foreign policy-Poor Funding considerations

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Efficiency in the foreign policy making can also be assessed by evaluating whether the procedure has strong background knowledge on what monetary implications could result from these policies (Christopher and Charles, 2007, p. 119). There have been calls for the government to increase foreign funding in order to win more friends all over the world.

Republican Nita Lowey once claimed that it has been very difficult in the past to get as many legislators supporting increments to foreign funding. Furthermore, there have been many mistakes when it comes at identifying potential beneficiaries of these funds.  At some instances, these funds have landed into hands of countries with repressive dictators who instead steal the money (124). This indicates another reason why the US foreign policy making could not be efficient. In addition, the policy making process relies strongly on available financial aid in coming up with the policies. These funds have greatly reduced in the recent past with the federal government reducing its foreign spending to $15 billion which is less than one percent of the entire budget of $1.9 trillion. Therefore, there is a possibility that winning the goodwill of people is going to be very difficult because of the limited financial abilities.

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