Essay: Higher Education and students

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A study by Alexander (2007) found that international students are sought after as they provide value to the higher education institutions, the country and the students themselves.  For instance, a large number of international students at an institution would contribute financially to the institution, as well as enhance the institution’s international profile and reputation (Alexander 2007) as good student experiences are more likely to be turned into positive referrals and recommendations.

This supports the University of Bradford’s view that international students are very important, especially if there is a financial contribution that is attached to them.  The referrals and recommendations are also important as students that go on to become statesmen and international business persons, will probably be more likely to want to trade with the UK, which represents the economic benefits to the country.  On the social side, international students will also increase the diversity of the local communities, as local populations are exposed to and participate in cultural activities.  Another economic benefit is that some international students will remain in the UK after their studies and take up employment in key areas that the UK is experiencing a shortage in.

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