Essay: Higher Education UK and Marketing

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The higher education sector in the UK is marketing by using the British Council, an Education Counselling Service and Generic Branding (AEI 2004).  The British Council serves as the main promotional tool for the UK higher education sector, as they manage offices in 230 cities across the world (AEI 2004).  The British Council serves as the visible interface of UK higher education institutions, and it also serves a useful information source for international students.

The British Council was set up with the intention of building an appreciation of the creativity and scientific innovation in the UK (AEI 2004), which is consistent with the principles of internationalism.  This would also stimulate interest in the international students to become a part of this innovative community, which would suggest a focus on quality.  The second aim of the British Council is to increase international recognition of the range and quality of learning opportunities from the UK, the promotion of the English language and to strengthen educational co-operation (AEI 2004).  The promotion of the English language was probably a key push factor for most international students, as English is commonly accepted as a business language, and therefore no other country was better placed than the UK was to offer English language tuition.  This suggests a focus on the quality of education, together with the acquisition of English language skills, however it also assumes that most international students do not have acceptable English language skills.

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