Essay: Hospitality and tourism businesses

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Normally hospitality and tourism businesses tend to hire and retain employees and staff that is highly specialized, specifically trained and permanently hired or recruited by the company or the organization. However, when it comes to event management and planning in the tourism industry, majority of the staff and human resource that is hired to work on the event is that of contractual nature.

This makes it complicated to manage the human resource and guide and direct them. One of the main issues that are faced by organizers when dealing with the staff pertains to managing coordination amongst the employees to meet the deadlines of the task at hand for the event management. This is effected by greatly by the availability of the human resource as well which is highly subjected to seasonality. Additionally, “seasonality in tourism has a profound impact on the management of human resources in organizations operating in a seasonal context.” (Jolliffe & Farnsworth, 2003)

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