Essay: My Most Influential Math Book

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Mathematic is one subject I had always enjoyed since grade school. Upon reaching high school, my interest was not only intact but also increased manifolds when I came across the book Calculus and Analytic Geometry, by George B. Thomas. This book presented the world of math to me in an entirely new perspective. It helped me discover math deeper as the mathematical concepts explained in the book combined with the physics principles helped me understand greatly the basis of most of engineering disciplines. The smart and intelligent arrangement of concepts, orderly explanations challenged my imagination and accentuated my intellect greatly.

The extent of learning I got from this book still remains an integral part of my life. Whether its analysis or design, engineering problems or ideas in my own mind, the book has always been a guide. The ideas explained in the book are so fundamental yet so modern, that they can be applicable 30 years from now too.

This book should be prescribed as the standard reference for all college calculus texts and course work and should be on the bookshelf of all engineers as well as engineering institutions as the valuable knowledge contained in this book can help anyone pursue their interest in math and engineering.

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