Essay: International Marketing at Bradford UK

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When asked about the features they market, the results showed an emphasis on the technical aspects and not the social aspects.  For instance, the University of Bradford concentrates on teaching quality, ranking, Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) and cost of living.  The first three points are consistent with the perception of international students of the UK higher education sector, and are consistent with the aims of the British Council.  However, the cost of living is the only social aspect mentioned, when others have been pointed out in Figure 6.0.  Marketing on these points alone, results of an international income of approximately 30% for the institution, but if the social aspect was included, this figure would probably increase.  As a result this, it hardly surprising that the institution scored ten out of ten for the importance of international marketing strategy, as this is closely linked with financial objectives as well.

Another reason for the importance of international marketing is that the UK is facing competition from the US, Australia, France and Germany, as the EU generally does not charge for higher education, the US is considered for its quality and history, and Australia is sought after for its location.  As most of the institution’s international students also come from Asia, Australia is in a good position in terms of proximity, which reduces cost.  This evidence from the University of Bradford contributes to the literature review in the discussion of the higher education sector’s competitors.

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