Essay: International Marketing efforts in UK

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Another critical factor in international marketing is the perception of international marketing efforts outside the UK.  For instance, countries like Malaysia and Singapore tend to report locally on events in the UK higher education sector regardless of whether they are positive or negative (UKCGE 1999).

This means that international students in such locations will have a different and probably accurate perception on what the UK has to offer.  Other countries also celebrate the attainment of foreign scholarships in the local press (Bennell and Pearce 1998, UKCGE 1999), which demonstrates to other potential students the locations that are most likely to help them cut their costs. However it seems that universities in the UK are not fully utilising these resources to promote themselves.  The biggest problems for the UK higher education sector are still those associated with promoting the availability of work opportunities, as the US and Australia are popular as they allow students to spread their masters course over a period of time, and there processes in place to facilitate employment on completion of the degree (Brown 1998, UKCGE 1999).  This contrasts with the UK, where securing employment is relatively difficult due to the Home Office requirements, and the many routes which are still restrictive in a way.  For instance, graduates from science and engineering programmes can stay for an additional year after graduation, but this means the scope of finding proper employment is reduced, as there is no guarantee of obtaining a work permit for a more long term work experience.

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