Essay: International marketing for UK higher education

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The level and structure of international marketing for the UK higher education sector also supports Williamson’s (2006) view that the higher education sector was historically founded to serve national interests, and are under the control of the central government.

However, this form of nationalism may work against international marketing efforts as the image of the UK higher education sector may portray a culture or environment that international students may not want to associate themselves with.  For instance, the US higher education sector looks like it serves the national interests but international marketing efforts are likely to appeal to a wider audience.  The focus on international marketing for the US higher education sector may also be different to that of the UK.  In fact, the UK’s international marketing efforts still look like they are closely aligned to internationalism and not globalisation.  The problem with this is that the UK higher education sector will not be responsive or competitive enough if it maintains the internationalism outlook, as higher education has now become competitive in the way it operates.

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