Essay: US intervention in Libya-BBC news

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According to the BBC news (2011), the recent drone attacks on Libya have reported many civilian casualties and deaths in the past on month. Being at the forefront, the US carries all the blame. As much as the US would prefer a Gadhafi free Libya in favor of Libyan citizens, the super power should consider the safety of the people it claims to be advocating for. When the streets in Tripoli are soaked in blood in the name of revolution and democracy importation into Libya, a big question about the intentions and goals of the mission arise.

Political responsibility by the US government in the war is likely to be far reaching. There have been  an aggressive debate on whether the US  should intervene or not. Joe Klein, a US senator has remained skeptical about the mission by comparing it to the Iraqi war that never materialized according to the plans. Therefore, Joe (2011) claims that this action by the US is likely to bring huge political upheavals in the country, a situation likely to derail progress in the country. Commitment of huge monetary support and its effects are brought out well in such debates with many politicians citing the ailing economy’s inability to support such unnecessary military aggressions.

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