Essay: US intervention in Libya-Division

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Just as it was in Libya in 1951, the country is likely to divide into two (CBS News, 2011). The opposing sides are likely to split the nation into two basing on the territorial occupation, which could be either east or west. This possibility is related to the US intervention in the sense that the country is divided almost equally between Gadhafi (western side of the country) and USA friendly factions (eastern side of the country).

Since most oil resources are in the eastern part of the country where Gadhafi is facing a lot of opposition, it is very unlikely the incumbent president will accept such attempts fueling the war even further. In the event that the president is killed in the war, the situation would become even worse as more civilians will die in the process, further negatively painting the US image in the Arab world. Such eventualities may further provoke terror groups to plan attacks against the US and her allies resulting in further loss of lives.

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