Essay: US intervention in Libya-Post-Gadhafi era

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Post-Gadhafi era is another speculative moments in conjunction to the US intervention in Libya. The three forces behind the invasion that is the US, the UK, and France seem not to be reading from the same page. This is evident from the way the three nations handled the initial stages of the plan where the US was set to take the center stage by the other two.

It is therefore more probable that the political ambitions are less likely to yield basing on the fact that the deployed mission is not compatible with the much-anticipated achievements (Andrew and Matt, 2011, p. 19). Shockingly, Gadhafi still enjoy a huge number of supporters, a situation that is likely to trigger a civil war even after the ouster of Mr. Gadhafi. The US should consider this decision and look for other long-lasting solutions rather that being part of a bigger problem to come in form of a civil war.

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