Essay: US intervention in Libya-Supremacy Battle

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Supremacy battle between different world strongest economies is evidently a reason why the US intervention in Libya was opted for. Russia and United States have engaged in rivalry utterances with each seeking to have a greater say in how the world should run. The recent intervention by the US over    Libya has attracted many comments from the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (Cindy, 2011) Since the intervention has already triggered the confrontational cascade between Russia and the USA, more is likely to occur as we move along.

The debates over missile defense among other contentious issues have been rekindled by the invasion with both countries trading accusation over the same. This effect is likely to further spread to the international platform especially in bodies where the US has bigger say like the united nations security council. This body has recently been accused by the Russian prime minister of allowing intervention of foreign military personnel into Libya (James et al. 2011, p 29). Therefore, the intervention is likely to initiate a huge rivalry environment thus derailing many global schedules with most international ventures being undertaken suspiciously.

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