Essay: Who was Jesus?

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Who was Jesus” is the title of the book by Nicholas Thomas Wright which he wrote in reply of the mere descriptions of the Jesus in the books which flooded to the shelves in 1990’s. In his book he justifies and proves with the help of biblical scholarship, the false interpretations of these authors. These writers were given publicity for their fantasies that they have written in order to prove their statements true. But Nicholas Thomas Wright makes it obvious to the people by exposing the flaws which were present in these writers work.

In this book the work of three authors has been criticized namely, John Spong from USA who was a Bishop, second is A.S Wilson from UK and the last author is from Australia namely   Barbara Thiering . These writers were acclaimed with publicity and articles were written in the newspaper as an analysis of their work. Nicholas Thomas Wright wrote a short book in order to criticize their work and presented people the real picture and approximate right answer to this question (Wright, 1993).

At first when readers will start reading this book, they might find it a little dragged but as this book is read further by the readers, they will understand what exactly the author is trying to elaborate. The best thing about the author Nicholas Thomas Wright is that in his book he does not just decides that the three authors are wrong. Instead of giving the judgment, he elaborates his viewpoints with the help of biblical statements to the answer the question “who was Jesus?” (Wright, 1993).

The flow of his criticism and the method he has appointed is very intelligent yet witty. Nicholas Thomas at first appreciates the work of the authors with whom he disagrees in terms of viewpoints and perspectives. The second step he has taken in his book “Who was Jesus?” is to extract the flaws of these authors in a humorous tone which are most enjoyable to the readers. And in this way he concludes what is wrong about the statements. Such a method of critic is intelligent and decent in nature (Wright, 1993).

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