Essay: Levels of Human Needs

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All of us have our own needs and these include inborn needs which as time has progressed have developed and this theory aims to explain some of these needs. The theory holds that these needs follow a particular structure and that the foremost needs are physiological and biological needs. It is important that the basic needs of people be paid attention to. Only when the basic need is fulfilled can a subsequent need be addressed (Singh, 2001, p. 238).

By establishing a preset sequence of needs, this theory takes into account a number of factors beginning from the basic level to the highest level of satisfaction which can be achieved. The theory highlights certain facts such as the need to be satisfied in the order dictated by this pyramid. The first four levels are referred to as deficiency motivators as they ensure that certain basic needs are fulfilled while at the same time ensuring that the person’s needs are fulfilled in order to fulfil any basic requirements. The higher two levels refer to the growth of any individual and if these needs are fulfilled, subsequently the growth of the individual is secured. A possible example of this can be when people are given sales targets to achieve when they are undergoing personal problems as in this case there can be a conflict of interests on an internal level.

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