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The use of internet and networks have various advantages where companies can increase cost efficiency by sharing resources and crucial data can be shared and backed up on various locations. The network of a company though quite important in modern times is prone to various cyber attacks which target the financial and sensitive sectors of a company. A potential hacker could target the network of a company in various ways if there is a security loophole in the company network. The various cyber attack threats a company faces include cracking, malicious code, back door, sniffer, TCP hijacking, mail bombs and other threats. The nature of such a threat, its effect on the network, problems caused by the attack and the countermeasures available to the company is explained.

Cyber Attacks Using Malicious Code

The most common type of cyber attacks involves malicious code. A hacker encodes a piece of code using some programming language and attaches an executable file to an email or sends this file to potential targets using an internet messenger service. The code usually creates a loophole in the network infrastructure of the company and the hacker can easily access any data or files available on the intranet of the company that is not shared with the general public. The hacker can easily access financial, personal and other sensitive information from the network of the company and misuse it in various ways. The sensitive data may include the industrial secrets of the company, the personal files of employees, financial information regarding the company and marketing policies and plans.

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