Essay: US military operations-land, sea and air

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The tenth army was involved on land and was commanded by Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr. This army had the III amphibious and the XXIV corps (made main landings on L-Day) under Major General Roy Geiger, and Major General John R. Hodge respectively with the two corps with the 7th and the 96th divisions of infantry.

At the sea, the US  suffered the greatest number of casualties than any other ally since the Japanese used the kamikaze tactics with 1500 planes as the Americans were trying to land. The navy had a plus on its mission as it successively neutralized the airfield used by the Japanese in Sakishima and Formosa. The land battle took 81 days from April 1, 1945 when he 77th battalion landed in Kerama west of Okinawa where 27 US soldiers died and 81 were wounded. The tenth army eventually managed to capture Kadena and Yomitan, the two air bases used by the Japanese. General Buckner was killed on June 18 by an enemy fire while on duty and was replaced by Roy Geiger   who was relieved only five days by Joseph Stilwell. This replacement was timely as Stillwell managed to bring down the island down marking the defeat of Japan in the battle. The US lost 12,000 soldiers and had 62,000 casualties in the battle.

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