Essay: The Musical Dimension

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Go through any dictionary and you will find the words harmony, rhythm, melody defining and describing the term Music. But there lies way more to this soul pacifying form of art than the modest definitions above. Music is what governs our lives in so many inexplicable ways- it’s therapeutic, impact our moods it can teach, it can be learnt; in short it is what keeps us going.

Be it listening, singing or playing instruments, music is universally considered as a therapy by all means simply because of the way it positively influences human emotions, diverts one’s focus and infuse a calming effect on the nerves.

Music is present in every aspect of one’s life and steps in right from the beginning. Whether it’s the lullabies sung my mothers in childhood, to learning songs and singing poetry in rhythm in elementary school. Whether you step into an elevator, walk through a hotel lobby, roam about while grocery shopping in store- that soothing feel surrounds you all the time and keep your mood lightened up so your mind enjoys a peaceful effect.

With the passage of time music has undergone countless variations but the fact remains that there lies supreme tranquility at the base of it. Music indeed is the food for soul.

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