Essay: Persistent Neurodegenerative Disorder

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Second prevailing neurodegenerative disease:

Parkinson’s disease or PD is a persistent neurodegenerative disorder leading towards major abnormality that deteriorates quality of life of the sufferer to a great extent. (Lau, 2007, 234) After Alzheimer’s disease it is the second most prevailing neurodegenerative disease (Nussbaum and C.E. Ellis, 2008, 210) which causes a huge burden on the sufferer himself, his carers, family and the overall medical systems (Rubenstein, 2007)

It is now widely accepted that psychological, family, and social factors influence disease susceptibility, adaptation to disease and recovery with effects on utilization of health care services, disability status, and quality of life. For Parkinson’s disease patient, hostility and emotional over-involvement have been found to be important predictors of outcome, as measured by relapse rates; in this disease, critical comment count and emotional over-involvement are important predictors (Nussbaum, 2008).

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