Essay: Reliability Assessment of the Usage of Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Whether or not the assessment of the research is reliable would be based be determined by the expected outcome being compared to the actual research findings. A scale would be established to ensure that some findings are compared to certain scales designed at the start of the research. The known ethical values and societal rules would also be used in ensuring that the research findings reached remain within certain limits. Moreover, certain football rules and previously carried out researches would also be employed in trying to gauge the research finding’s reliability.

Biasness might be introduced in the research under a number of circumstances. To begin with, biasness could be introduced in the research process if the respondents to the questionnaires and interviews to be carried out decide to answer questions in an unprofessional manner that could lead to lack of reliability and in the findings. The lack of willingness by some respondents to pay close attention to the data collection process could easily compromise the data collected leading to very biased data being collected and thus unreliable and unrealistic conclusions being made. Moreover, the researcher could introduce biasness in the research process by using research questions that are misleading. The usage of both closed and open ended research questions that do either biased or which do not offer an opportunity to clarify issues could also be a major cause for biasness in the research findings. Poorly framed questions that may be ambiguous could also be a way for the researcher to introduce biasness into the research process to be done.

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