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The Color Purple is an acclaimed novel written by noted American author Alice Walker. It came out in the year 1982 and has earned several literary awards as well. The popularity of this novel can be judged by the fact that it was later adapted into a film as well musical by the same name.

The novel that has impacted the lives of its readers universally is a true inspirational novel. It is based on the life of African-American women and the numerous issues faced by them. The central character of this novel is an African-American woman Celie who since adolescence undergoes a series of maltreatment, continued violence and considered inferior to men but stayed persistent and with determination overcomes the issues that are all created by the society. Her strength also comes from numerous women she meets along the way who infuse the spark and determination in her to voice her woes in order to be completely independent.

The novel then moves to the point where Celie gets married and has to work hard while her husband lingers about in the house and stays busy smoking. This part of the novel very decently signifies how, over the past, women have been considered as useless creatures whose only task is to manage and maintain housework. Although Celie got tired of the marriage, yet she didn’t run away from it as the alternate path was to go to her abusive father.

This novel became successful only because of its apt portrayal of the reality that surrounds us. Women, particularly African-American ones could relate to it and the story came as a ray of hope for them.

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