The Structure of Essays

No matter what academic level you belong to all types of essays are written following a similar structure i.e., an introductory paragraph, the main body and a conclusion. This structure is as vital to essay writing as a backbone to a human skeleton. Without this structure essay writing can appear disorganized and illogical making difficult for the readers to follow a particular structural pattern. This article will provide some basic guidelines to structure an essay. Read below to learn to structure an essay.

The Introduction

The very first segment of any type of essay is the introductory paragraph which is important to introduce the essay topic with a brief summary of the main arguments or information to be discussed in the later part of the essay. The introduction has to be catchy and engaging for the readers to keep reading until the end of the essay. It must be written in a way as to keep readers crave for more information. The thesis statement must be incorporated in the introduction as a guide for the readers telling the readers about the main purpose of the essay.

The Main Body

The main body is an important section of the essay where all the arguments along with supportive evidence and facts are provided. The main body should consist of sub paragraph with each paragraph independent of others in a way as to relate to the main theme of the essay. it must use transitions to keep the essay in flow.  When writing the main body it is important to keep things relevant, direct and to the point. Anything that is irrelevant and does not relate to the main theme of the essay must be avoided as it can make the essay appear haphazard and irrational.

The Conclusion

This is the last component of the essay where personal opinions and suggestions are formulated related to the main hypothesis. However, the conclusion must be direct and must not consist of new ideas. A brief summary of the main arguments related to the main theme of the essay can be provided along with restatement of the thesis statement as a reminder to the readers about the main focus of the essay.

This is the basic structure for writing all types of essays.

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