Essay: Technological Advancements in Europe

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The invention of steam engine was considered an important step because it actually unlocked the doors for other inventions. After this invention the loop-holes in certain inventions were figured out and effective and efficient policies and procedures were developed that contributed a lot in the development phase of Europe.  New and modernized tools were developed for backing up the invention of steam engines. These tools were developed with state of the art technology and the ultimate purpose of these tools was facilitating the manufacturing industry with modernized tools.

After that emphasis was laid on the textile sector and technological advancement initiated in the textile industry. This actually happened in the mid of eighteenth century and the entire industry of textile was blessed with the technological advancement. Inventions like power driven machines changes the conventional approach of this sector and this invention is regarded as the earliest achievement of the eighteenth century. Iron makers and carpenters improved these power driven machines by customizing them. The olden days were filled with issues and problems that were directly related to this industry and especially for weaving clothes (Tignor 39). Another problem was the delayed delivery of orders. The machines were then invented to tackle such problems faced by merchants. In this

way the textile field was completely transformed into its industrialized state and helped in revolutionizing the European business model with its technological leap (Topik and Pomeranz 222).

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