Essay: Toy Design for Toddlers

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Essay-Children grow as individuals through different developmental activities which include physical activities, interactions with others and imagination. All these developmental activities are combined into one past time for children and that activity is known as play. When children are involved in playing they fall, bounce, sometimes they try to hide or knock things out. All these actions teach them and develop the skills of interaction and learning. Parents and guardians all instinctively know this fact about children and those who know the importance of play as a development activity for children know the best way to provide children an opportunity to learn is through playing activities. In order to accomplish this it is essential for parents and guardians to choose the right activity or toy for their children.

A right toy is one which challenges the intelligence of the child and helps him developing through learning experiences. Toys which encourage violence and are complicated which can frustrate a child are harmful to him. Such toys develop violent behavior in children and should not be bought for them especially in the early years of the child’s age.  Freya Jaffke, an experience kindergarten teacher suggests that parents must select toys which are not harmful for toddlers and they must be suitable for them. Not all toys are appropriate for toddlers as the functions of the toys vary age to age (Jaffke, 1987).

A toy is an object with which a child plays and gains cognitive behavior. Toys serve multiple purposes that include the educational role and stimulation of creativity. This is important to their development and aids them in the later part of their lives (Torelli & Durret, 2001). Toys not only help in mental development, but also develop their physical skills. Before anything else however, even before allowing the child to get involved in playing, choosing the right toy according to the age of the child should be the most important factor.

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