Essay: Transfer of the staff

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Transfer aims at looking at the designed instruction in relation to its probability to be applied in work place. It is important to design learning intervention in a way that what is learnt have a high probability of being applied to the job. Therefore, trainees should be able to transfer acquired skills to their work place practice to improve on their performance or capacity. In this regard, transfer occurs when the existed habit which was established during training, has influence upon acquisition of new skill or performance of the employee.

However transfer varies across individuals in light with individual differences. Thus, organization should always expect positive or negative transfer. In regard to negative transfer, Celinski (1983) says that one of the causes for transfer problem is when training takes place away from job.

To avoid negative transfer probabilities being high on trainees, the following strategy should be employed. Choosing of the training instruction approach that offer opportunity to the trainee to learn variety of relevant task and make trainees practice step by step; use of real life problems that are relevant to the context that trainees are expected to apply the instruction; use of different examples; encourage trainees to set goals provide them feedback and make them aware of range of skills and knowledge by specifying transfer requirements; encourage discover learning through case study, history and structured exercises; and projects assignment and group discussion should be encouraged

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