Essay: Unfairness in Policies on Economic sanctions

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Together with many other powerful nations, the US has used economic sanctions against many countries since the world war two. These sanctions have included financial penalties and withdrawal of military activities (Tony and Leone, 1995, p. 9). They have been either selective or comprehensive which involves halting of financial and trade and stopping of all economic relationships with the targeted nations respectively.

This leaves the target nation with enormous economic repercussions a situation that may lead to a consensus over the causative issues. The country has made several sanctions in the past that proved effective. The 1980 sanctions against the Soviet Union to with draw from Afghanistan, South Africa’s sanctions because of apartheid, and finally those against Iraq to with draw from Iran were some of the most successful sanctions since they achieved what they were meant for (14). Then, the US foreign policymaking embracing sanctions against various countries could be said to be effective by then. However, Christopher and Charles (2010, p. 152) proposes that there is need to consider modern times in using such actions against some countries. Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, and Sudan are among the latest countries to be sanctioned by the US in attempts to fight terrorism and import democracy into some of these countries.

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