Essay: Universally adopted manners

Sample Essay

In the case of a situation where the Korean-Australian comes seeking refuge one would be quick to provide a place for the person to hide. This is because and as noted from Kant’s moral assertion that a person ought to act in manner which would be adopted universally. In this regard, one will seek to protect the Korean-Australian native after considering oneself in the same situation.

One would respond to the situation in a manner similar to what one would like others respond if it were him/her in that situation. But on the other hand, by being an Australian citizen one ought to cooperate with the government directives as this is what social contract theory is all about. This has been clearly stated above. In this light, the Australian citizen by virtue of his/her allegiance to the government ought to safeguard its interests no matter the circumstance. Therefore, the Australian citizen ought to corporate with the federal agents notwithstanding whether s/he knows the Korean-Australian for a long time. That, indeed, does not matter; what counts is the objective of the government, period!

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