Essay: Unpreparedness of US military-The North Korea attack

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Related to the need for moderate dynamism is the preparedness for any war, whether there are indicators of its happening or imagined as likely to happen. This however cannot be accurately determined meaning that continuous checks should be adopted so as  not to be caught unawares for instance the North Korea attack which happened when least expected.

All is not lost for the US military as it is almost the strongest force the world over. The NCO has been doing a great deal of work in training the forces and preparing them for combats. Training is not essentially what they need but education so as to build the intellectual capacity of the soldiers to full spectrum. The soldiers are required to think critically, and use the Army’s educational software to enhance their problem solving skills (Toy, 2004). The NCO is also working towards honing the leadership skills that the soldiers may have and maximize the credits they may have from colleges which they attended. As the soldiers advance in their training, they are also trained in squad and platoon tasks, learn duties of sergeants and platoon leadership skills. There are other basic and technical skills that NCO aims to impart to the soldiers thus boosting their capability to handle diverse combat scenes amicably (Toy, 2004).

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