Essay: Usage of performance enhancing drugs

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Stress and underachievement in other sectors of life such as education and lack of jobs are some of the motivating factors for the youths in the United States of America to continuously use drugs in sports. Most of the performance enhancement methods used by the American youths in the sporting fields are not possible to detect unless they are indeed witnessed at the time they are being inducted into the body.

The continued use of drugs in the Olympics drugs have continued to illicit mixed reactions on the intended outcome of the drugs and the impact of the drugs in the future sporting activities. Thomas Hicks, in 1976, won the Olympics after receiving an injection of strychnine drug in the middle of the race. The drug stimulated his body thus leading to the eventual winning of the race. Drug stimulation was thus banned due to the very negative effect it had had to the athletes and the sporting activity in the world. The drugs that help in cheating in sports have continued to become very complex (Tufts, 2002). The cheating rates in sports have become very irresistible. In the year 1992, Vicky Robinowicz, managed to interview a number of athletes and found out that most successful athletes have at one time or another have become victims of drug abuse.

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