Essay Writing

Being a student, you are obviously aware of how it feels like to write an essay. Essay writing is not everyone’s forte and it requires certain skills and flair in writing. You must be aware of the fact that writing an essay is not an easy task and many of you might have, at some point in your academics, found it hard to write an essay. However if you know the basics of essay writing, this task will not be so tough. This article will provide you with some tips which you can follow in order to write a satisfactory essay.

Understand the topics and make a selection

If you have been provided with the topics to write on, make sure that you understand what you are being asked to write in each topic. Once you have an understanding, only then should you proceed to select a topic on which you feel comfortable writing.

Make an outline

Before you begin your essay, jot down a few points which come into your mind which are relevant to the topic on which you are writing the essay. This will be helpful as you will generally not have enough time to write the essay. Having an outline will help you progress systematically and efficiently while writing your essay.

Give background information

Once you have begun your essay, write a few lines on what your essay is about. Giving this background information will help your readers know what to expect once they read through the rest of your essay.

Organize the body paragraphs

As you move deeper into the essay, make sure that the information you are writing is relevant and is written in order. You do not want to end up with an essay which does not make sense throughout the entire body! Present your thoughts systematically, using help from the outline which you made at the beginning.


Once you feel you have covered the topic well and have stayed on topic, you can conclude your essay. In conclusion, you should generally just give your opinion which usually takes up about 3 to 4 lines towards the end of your essay.

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