Letter to Don Brayburn

Amy Smith,

Deer Lake

Anytown USA 55855

February 9, 2004

Dear Don,

You were the first person I met when I got to this town and was pleasantly surprised to meet you. As I have lived in many small towns, I always aim at making having a good reputation and always writing about matters that are important to the residents of the area.

Your initial information about the decreasing levels of water at Deer Lake was an opening that I thought was significant. However, my subsequent telephonic interview with Colonel Firestein, and later my personal investigation into the historical records of the water levels indicated that the there was nothing unusual about it. In addition to this, the most important aspect is that my being a resident of the community, there is a conflict of interest here and even if there was something I would not have been able to proceed any further.

I hope you understand the problematic situation I have been facing since I got here. I hope to become a credible journalist in this area, and more importantly, I hope to become a good neighbor and resident of this small community. I trust that we remain good neighbors and friends and this matter would not be hurdle to our future friendly relationship.


Amy Smith


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