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The research paper is about the upward mobility of women in the accounting, profession, in the present times, the number of women accountants with CPA degrees has increased significantly, however, a very small percentage of them are made partners.

The fact is that female students do better then male students academically, which is why some studies have found that women work harder to overcome the stereotypes. The literature review shows, that women’s progress is hindered by:

  1. Long hours of work
  2. Failure to be entrusted with responsible assignments
  3. Discrimination

The dependent variable is upward mobility and the 3 above-mentioned factors are the independent variables. The writer believes that the 3 independent variables will help in explaining why the variance occurs in upward mobility.

The study is a totally quantitative correlational field study where the hypothesis was tested through a mailed questionnaire to women in public accounting firms all over America. Almost 80% of the women responded to the questionnaire.

In my opinion, the good thing about this research is that the research is very specific and the questionnaire as mentioned by the authors is very short and concise. However, in my opinion this research could have been made more broad by including some qualitative questions, as the hypotheses are not quantitative. More in-depth interviews or even semi-structured interviews would have been more appropriate and the true feelings of the women in the profession and not make the research limited.

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