How to write a Compare and Contrast Essay

You have been given an assignment to write a compare and contrast essay and you are frustrated because you don’t know a single thing about compare and contrast essays? Don’t worry fortunately you have landed at just the right place! Below are a few steps to help you write the perfect compare and contrast essay.

Choose the topic

If you have the freedom to choose the essay topic yourself choose one that you are confident about. Take two things that you feel you know a lot about so that it becomes easy for you to write your compare and contrast essay. If you are given the topic by your teacher, don’t worry look up for information about them in the books and the internet.


List down together all the similar attributes of the two items, this is the compare part of your compare and contrast essay


List down together all the different attributes of the two items, this is the contrast part of your compare and contrast essay.



Either compare or contrast

This does not mean that you skip either comparing or contrasting, it only means that while you write about both in your compare and contrast essay, you lay more importance on one of the aspects. If you think you can write better on the similar attributes of the two items then compare them in detail and write briefly about the different attributes. If you feel that you can write more on the different attributes than do the opposite.


In your introduction you will give a brief summary of both the items and their similar and different attributes. You will also write your thesis statement in this paragraph, it’s a good idea to first talk about what you disagree with and then come to your argument.




The body of your compare and contrast essay will usually consist of three paragraphs; divide the attributes among these paragraphs. Give at least three attributes each of the items you are writing the compare and contrast essay on. Also give your own view point and the evidence that you have to support your view point.


The conclusion part of a compare and contrast essay is similar to the conclusion of any other type of essay. You simply have to summarize all that you have written above in a small paragraph and end you compare and contrast essay on an interesting note.

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