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Adair Lara’s humorous essay is thoroughly entertaining as she discusses the many social preconceptions, attitudes and expectations prevalent among people, particularly relating to the opposite sex. Although the whole essay is written in a very light and humorous tone, however the issue at hand is anything but serious.

Her first point in the essay is that even though people have shortcomings and no one perfect, however certain behaviors are more offensive in a particular sex then the other. This she says like women getting drunk and using offensive language and men are particularly offensive when they are cheap. (Lara 95)  this point is highlighted in the first part of the essay when she discusses the events on her date. First she took the car on a hundred mile trip then while filling gas at a station her date Craig, although not offering to pay, complained about the price, and while having dinner told her the dinner was on her. With all other good qualities, Craig was a cheap man. . (Lara 95)  on the other hand women also do this as in the case of her friend Jill and other women who look the other way when it is time to pay.

This way of thinking is because of the past association, when women used to stay at home and men used to work, therefore it used to be their responsibility to pay for things, and also showed how generous men were. And even at this time and age women expect these things from men and are disappointed when it is not forthcoming.

Lara states that this behavior in men or women is in grained and not something they have developed overnight, it comes from attitudes adopted in childhood, which make them act in a particular way like her friends date who “Doled out M&M’s one at a time to her. (Lara 95)

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