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Sample Advertising Essay

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Advertising is a way in which a message is conveyed to the general public. Advertising is usually used to convey information about products or services. There are various modes of communication which advertising makes use of. These types of mass communication are used as it gets easier for people to come into contact with these types of communication forms and hence be able to come in contact with adverts.

The forms of communication which people use for advertising are print ads, ads on the television and radio. Print ads are usually found in magazines and newspapers. Other types of print ads consist of billboards, neon signs, posters and fliers. Television ads are usually played during commercial breaks between TV programs. This enables people watching TV to get the message a particular business is trying to convey and since the number of people who own a TV set is high, many people come in contact with TV ads. The radio too is a mode of communication however it is not much used as the other forms. The radio is not much used by people in these days. The TV and internet has more or less taken over the market for the radio. There is however only a certain segment of the population who still make use of the radio. People who would make up this segment are usually those who drive to work and as a form of entertainment turn on the radio. Elderly people too would constitute the radio listening…

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