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In the 1960’s, programs for affirmative action gave more preference to minorities such as blacks in order to end racial discrimination which had prevailed in the past. The purpose behind these affirmative action programs was to aid minorities in being represented in the market for jobs and for them to be equivalent to their population percentage (Finley). However, affirmative action has not been as successful as people wished it to be.

It has changed into a policy which has been around for 30 years if not more, and has placed minorities who are under-qualified for a certain position over non-minorities who are qualified to a greater extent. In other words, minorities have started to be given more preference but this has had its own negative effects.

Problems have arisen in many social areas due to this form of favoritism toward minority groups. Workplaces, universities and other areas of social life throughout the country have faced problems due to this preferential treatment given to minorities. Due to this, policies for affirmative action should be eliminated from admission procedures n colleges and universities. If this is not done so, many colleges could have negative effects throughout the country.

There are vast numbers of arguments which can be used in order to defend the usage of affirmative action and to promote the effects it could have in colleges. Those people who are in support of affirmative action are of the opinion that minorities still have…

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