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This term paper is about anthropology. Culture is a very important concept in anthropology as it is the main driving force behind people’s attitudes, lifestyles, and choices.

One good example is the Hamish people living in the world’s most developed country. If they want, they can have all the utilities of life that were taken for granted, like a car or electricity or even other small appliances and conveniences that we do not think about are the things which they do not have and are unwilling to adopt as it is something which not a part of their cultural teachings and they have lived like this for several hundred years.

A layman or someone who is not knowledgeable about anthropology would be fascinated by their lifestyle, but they would not know what to make of it.

Similarly, the Indiana University website tells us that the things we use, the utensils, the instruments, and the lifestyle we lead form a part of our culture and make us distinct from each other. Pottery from excavations carried out by archeologists gives us clues to how people used to live and what their society was like making it easier to know about these people.

With most modern people growing up without a link with either cultivation or the natural world in its usual form, the human association with nature has been distorted.

Stimulated by Darwinian descriptions of the survival of the fittest, society has manipulated nature and altered it to serve creature needs. People living in large metropolitan see themselves as detached from nature. This new awareness took hold in medieval times, leading up to the Scientific Revolution of the seventeenth century.

Since culture is adapted from the surroundings, people living in different places have distinctive cultures. Culture allows people to relate to their environment in non-genetic ways, so people living in different environments will usually have different cultures.

Therefore, culture is a very important concept in anthropology as it is the main driving force behind people’s attitudes lifestyles and the choices they make. No hereditary or genetic predisposition has any effect in this case. Only the past associations and the evolution of society influence people’s customs, their religion, etc.

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