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Sample Essay – Argument of Teleology

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The teleological argument is that of whether or not God exists (William Paley and David Hume). It also consists of arguments from design which concern arguments related to the existence of God or any type of creator who exists.

These arguments are based on what purpose the universe has and how order is maintained. David Hume tries to explain his argument and views about the argument of design which he is against whereas William Paley is an advocate of the argument of design. Despite each of these philosophers having very strong arguments, we will be able to devise exactly whose views are better and stronger by the end of this paper. This essay focuses on work of both of the researcher’s particularly ‘The Watch and the Watchmake’ by William Paley and ‘The Critique of the Teleological Argument’ by David Hume.

William Paley begins his argument by focusing on the concept of the stone. His concept began when he came across a stone and wanted to know how it came into existence (Paley). His work, ‘The Watch and the Watchmaker’ is based on the idea of the stone; he believed that some designer might have designed the stone, the same designer must have designed and created other things as well in exactly the same way as a watch is created by a watchmaker. This analogy of his is what constitutes as the basis of his argument for…

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